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One of our groups long standing goals is to create a Shaolin Temple in America, complete with Kung Fu, Meditation, Buddhist Classes and a Medicine branch. Head over to the Donation page to help support or if you have bigger aspirations? Contact us.

Shaolin Temple


Join us

Take classes in Shaolin Temple Kung Fu and study the culture of Chan Buddhism and Philosophy at our Cultural Center's s established throughout Southern California. 

Looking for a location near you? We are expanding and have affiliated programs from Europe to Mexico City.

Culture Center USA

In development

The US Buddhism association is looking to develop a Cultural Center in the USA sharing art forms such as Zen Archery, Chinese Go and more. Contact us to learn about our project or visit our Donate page to help support!

Eastern Cultural Center


Interested in learning about the traditional art culture found in Buddhist works? What about Chinese calligraphy? Contact us

to join or book an event!

Calligraphy & Art Classes

Est. 2012

United Kung Fu is an coalition of Chinese martial arts teachers and students who are committed 

to improving each other through friendly competition and events. We have hosted more than 50 events since 2012.

United Kung Fu Federation

In development

Currently the US Buddhism Association is looking for translators to work closely with our Members to translate books on topics such as Buddhism and Shaolin Kung Fu.

Cultural Publishing House